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Various Workshops

This one is from a WIFAS instructor...
"It takes one to know one! 
Cary Jurriaans, artist and owner of WAFIS has attended many a workshop in her lifetime.In other words, she has been where you will be when you attend one of her workshops, a student on the learning end of things--- and to that end she thinks like you do! She already knows what you are asking yourself.

  • Will there be a good spot for me to view the model when I paint? Yep, Cary always has 2 models for each session, guaranteeing you a good spot:)
  • Will I have plenty of room for all my stuff when I set up? Yep again.  WFAS has about 3,000 sq feet (give or take a few) for you and fellow artists to spread out in.
  • What about still life workshops--I have been stuck in some really bad spots before trying to paint the subject--will there be enough setups to work from without having to stand on my head? Yes and yes again:))  Cary has still life setups for each student.  You heard right---one student per still life set up.  Virtually unheard of:))!!
  • How could it get any better? Did we mention food?  Coffee, water, light snacks, set up and waiting on you each mornin’?  And organized “out to eat” dinners for the 4 day workshops? Yes, WFAS workshops just do it better!
  • What about the 5 day workshops? Cary goes all out.  Has you to her home for a mixer with great food for all the artists to hang out, talk shop and get to know each other better:))
  • Still got questions? Just take a look at what others who have attended a workshop at WFAS and see what they have to say:))"

"I want to thank you for giving me a wonderful experience. It simply drives home the importance of good instruction with serious artists! I have never seen such a good portrait demonstration!"

"It was a wonderful workshop. What a beautiful island. It was such a nice break! Ned was very informative and personable. And everywhere I go now I look for shapes and color values. It's like losing your golf ball. You look for it everywhere you go."

"Thanks for putting this workshop together and being a terrific host. Look forward to seeing you again and enjoying another workshop."

"Thanks so much for putting on a wonderful really took customer service to a new level! You were so kind and generous and I really appreciate that. The workshop was wonderful I learned a ton and I hope I can make it up to Langley next year for more fun and learning. And painting on the coast would be just gorgeous, and I LOVE boats at marina's...."

"I wanted to thank you for hosting this workshop. It couldn't have been more perfect. The instruction was amazing. That was a great partnership of John and George. They worked really hard to make us better than we thought we could be."

"I always have trouble  finding a class or workshop that skips the beginning level.  I’m grateful that wifas offered me the chance to see demos by a noted professional painter daily and to try my hand at applying what i have seen, with the very same artist looking over my shoulder."

"Just want to say thanks for your efforts in having Duane's workshop and for permitting me as a beginner to participate. Definitely one of the very best and I learned a lot and certainly am motivated....let's see if this lasts. Again, much appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed the Thursday evening getogether and dinner."

"The workshop with Susan Lyon and Scott Burdick was excellent. Cary and Bjorn were attentive to the needs of the workshop attendees. Fans were going and great snacks were provided. Wednesday night was fabulous with delicious food and great company! Thank you so much!"

"Thank you so much for such a wonderful workshop.  My expectations were absolutely exceeded!  Not only were the instructors amazing but all of the students needs were met. The icing on the cake was being invited to your beautiful home for a wonderful BBQ.  I felt more connected to my fellow students afterwards. I will be recommending your school to all of my artist friends!"

"I had a great time! Love the island. It's such a beautiful and quiet location, full of inspiration. And your hospitality made me feel like I am at home. Would love to visit again."

"Outstanding instructors,great studio space,serious students,organized monitor,dedicated director,friendly people,delicious food-the perfect workshop experience."

See Instructor page for comments on a particular instructor's workshop.