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Juliette Aristides

Juliette Aristides is a Seattle-based painter who seeks to understand and convey the human spirit through art. Aristides is the Director of the Classical Atelier at Gage Academy of Fine Art in Seattle, WA since 1998.  Author of the Classical Drawing Atelier, Classical Painting Atelier and the forthcoming book Lessons in Classical Drawing with Publishers Watson-Guptill, NY. Aristides has frequently contributed to Artists Magazine. Her work has been featured in national magazines such as Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector and international magazines such as Gulf Connoisseur Magazine.

On Juliette Aristides' Workshops
"I can't have been more satisfied with the workshop. It's such an honor to work with Juliette. I don't think there are many other artists who would equal her performance level or her skill in teaching. I was happy to work with the other artists there also. I met some pretty interesting artists, and it made my time there even more rewarding. I hope to see them again. Last but not least, you did a masterful job of carrying off all the responsibilities you had in producing the workshop. We all owe you a huge thankyou. I have a feeling things wouldn't be the same without you. Also, at first my wife Kirra and I hadn't planned to go to your house for the reception. In hindsight, had we NOT gone it would have been a great loss. You and Sieb are generous and kind hosts. And it was such a thrill to see the art in your home. It was a highlight. Again, thank you. I hope to return in the future. The workshop was a good investment for me."

"Juliette spoke eloquently during her lectures and the various exercises, some written, that she had us do as a class.  It was a lot more than about technique - it was about really looking."

"World class art instruction and inspiration on Whidbey Island!"

"It was a rare opportunity to concentrate and to learn. Juliette Aristides did a wonderful of articulating what goes on in the mind of an artist.  She's a terrific writer and teacher in addition to being a professional artist. I also learned a great deal from the other students' work, and some of them were very accomplished artists themselves. Watching how people made simple objects (a spaghetti squash, two pumpkins, a pair of persimmons) glow and come to life was inspiring. Juliette worked magic with a silver bowl, a white paper cup and a white cloth! I can't wait to try some of these subjects myself. So yes, the whole weekend was very beneficial. In addition, it was well organized."

Anne Belov

Instructor Anne Belov has been painting for more than 40 years. She is experienced in oils, watercolor, acrylics, egg tempera and pencil. Her subject matter encompasses everything from still life, landscape, and architecture to narrative figure paintings.

On Anne Belov's Workshops
"I love having local artists teach; being in touch with people we can see again and who are in touch with our community (general and artistic) is really great. I also enjoyed the people in the getting acquainted there too. The size of the group was marvelous...just right."

"I learned to think about not just connecting the objects to each other in a still life, but to think ahead about something about myself I want to connect to the painting, then use that as a genuine way to select the objects and arrange them in a way that expresses something to me. Ultimately, I am sure that will relay a stronger painting to the viewer." I learned that one should always have a story or event that the still life is about before starting the painting. Also using a shadow box is really helpful."

John Budicin

John Budicin was born in Rovigno, Italy and settle in Southern California when he was 12. After working as a commercial artist for 19 years, John decided to make his true passion for art his lifetime profession. With many awards and honors, Budicin's work has been in museum exhibitions and featured in many art magazines, Recently, several of his paintings were selected and published in 200 Great Painting Ideas for Artists. Budicin is represented by the Long Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, as well as other galleries in the southwest.

On John Budicin's Workshops
"Your group logistics were great. Even though the island surrounds itself with beautiful bays and deep rural expanses, you took us to a couple places beyond visitor access where I captured scenes less commonly seen and just as beautiful. Many of the locations could keep landscape painters occupied for the whole week. John Budicin really put out for us, it seemed. He came by with advice while I painted quite often, though not too often—my ego had time to say 'Okay, yea he's right.' I felt I got better-than-average responses from John."

"There are a lot of things I liked about it. John himself was great—doing demos daily and being very open to questions and helping with hands on instruction. I have a new eye for values in my surroundings and am daily thinking about the way he builds a painting (even though I haven’t painted since the workshop). I loved our locations! Kudos to you for coming up with these! The openness and neighborly welcome expressed in individuals allowing us to use their homes, property, bathroom facilities, etc., was heartwarming. A great feeling of community. And I loved painting every day for 5 straight days. It was a great group of talented artists and budding artists, like myself. Cary, you were very welcoming, generous and yet on task. A great way to be. Thank you!"

"We both very much liked having John do a demo in the morning. We take a bit of time to get going and his demos built up our enthusiasm for our own attempts later in the day. We also like the idea of working on a plein air painting over a long time (nailing down the light/shadows quickly and then taking your time in building the painting."

Scott Burdick

SCOTT BURDICK was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1967 where his mother and father early on encouraged his interest in Art. "I spent a lot of time in hospitals as a child and remember my mother showing me how to transform simple shapes like circles, triangles, and squares into objects like planes, helicopters, and fish. It seemed such a magical thing and made spending so much time in casts and on crutches much more bearable."

Sandy Byers

Sandy Byers, of Whidbey Island, is a Signature Member of the Pastel Society of America, the West Coast Pastel Society, the Northwest Pastel Society and a member of Oil Painters of America. Recently, she was the juror for the animal/wildlife category for the Pastel Journal, Pastel 100 competition. Her work has won numerous awards and has been published in multiple fine art books and magazines. Byers is dedicated to using her art to benefit animal welfare.

Faye Castle

Faye studied art at the University of Washington, and received her BA in 1967. She followed that degree with a teaching certification, beginning a lifelong interplay between learning and teaching.

A longtime student of color, light, and the vast potential for human expression, Faye Castle has been recognized as a distinguished Pastel Artist with the Northwest Pastel Society and is a member of Women Painter's of Washington.

On Faye Castel's Workshops
Thanks so much for a great class.  It is always challenging but so very good to work outside of your comfort zone.  I truly believe that I have learned a lot about pushing color, about attending to and using the 'tools'  And it was all so much fun!

Aaron Coberly

Aaron Coberly was born in Seattle in 1971. He has been drawing for as long as he can remember. He started taking art seriously as a teenager after being invited to attend a life drawing class. Living and traveling in Europe further inspired him. He began oil painting in 1999.

His work is primarily figurative with a stylistic nod to the Masters and the Impressionists. Aaron runs an open painting and drawing session in Seattle. He resides in the greater Seattle area and is married with a young son. Every day I work on becoming a better artist.

Aleah Chapin

Aleah Chapin is fascinated by the many languages that pigment can speak. Through paint, she explores her surroundings and the intrinsic physical quality of things. By investigating exterior textures she delves deeper into the unseen cerebral and psychological substance of the person or object she is painting.


Rose Frantzen

A native of Maquoketa, Iowa, Rose Frantzen has gained national and international acclaim for her oil paintings from life that bring contemporary and innovative perspectives to a traditional alla prima approach.  In addition to landscapes, still lifes, and figurative works, Frantzen often moves to the allegorical, including abstract or surreal settings that present the subject as an archetypal character seen on his or her own internal stage.  For these multi-dimensional works, she incorporates diverse stylistic elements along with gilding, stained glass, and mosaic.

David Gluck

Born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, David Gluck currently resides in Toronto with his wife Katherine Stone where he works as a full time artist and part time instructor. He received his Bachelors of Science degree in Art Education from Penn State University in 2006, following which he immigrated to Canada to continue his career as an artist. His artwork is in both private and public collections around the world. These days David exhibits with Howard Schepp Fine Art in Palm Desert, CA and with M Gallery of Fine Art in Charleston, SC. David has taken second place in still life for The David Leffel Award for Excellence in painting, and has been a repeat finalist in the ARC Salon. David's work has also been included in International Artist, American Artist, and Artist's magazine


Golucho was born in Madrid, Spain 1949 and started painting at  12 years old.In 1964 he studied the masterpieces of El Prado and the Palacio del Buen Retiro. In his teens he studied in the  the Louvre, all the Impressionists. His  works have been exhibited in numerous places like Madrid, Paris , Brussels , Philadelphia and New York. He was a guest artist at the New York Academy.

David Gray

David Gray acquired a strong foundational education in art and has continued with independent and occasional formal studies in pictorial expression and oil painting. The resulting work reveals a personal and contemporary expression of beauty and order which pays homage to the classical tradition in its craftsmanship. David's works are included in many discriminating private art collections throughout the United States and abroad. 

On David Gray's Workshops
"One of the absolute best workshops I have ever taken. The instructor/student ratio was great and, of course, Langley is a great setting, but the instructor was the best. In a humble but thorough manner, he explains to you exactly how he does his beautiful paintings in a well thought out step by step process. What was novel was that he painted for us exactly the way he paints in his own studio. He is very generous and patient with students – probably too much so. I am glad I got to study with him before he becomes too famous."

"Another thing that impressed me right off was the attention to detail. The reserved parking with WIFAS professionally printed signs, the signs out in front - very professional - not what you would expect - sets a tone that is carried through the whole workshop."

"You were a very "approachable" host and studio owner... not aloof or patronizing. Rather, you were sincerely friendly and helpful. Thanks again for holding an excellent workshop."

"Thoroughly enjoyed all 3 days of David Gray's workshop. He's a very methodical instructor which ensured we understood each step and he continually gave informative answers to the attendees' questions. Very worthwhile and I was enthused enough to continue working on the painting the very next day after the 3-day workshop because I do NOT want to let his instruction fade away. As often happens after any kind of workshop, not utilizing the information soon after often negates so much of what was shared."

"I liked it because it was low stress to "produce" and a nice size class."

"I LOVED the workshop and honestly can't think of one thing I would have changed. You thought of everything!"

"Thank you again so much, Cary, for letting us visit your beautiful studio. That was fun! And thank you for your wonderful hospitality, refreshments and having readily on hand anything we forgot. David is a not only a great artist but a very good communicator also. I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who's interested in the future."

"Enjoyed David’s workshop very much.  Everyone is crazy over him!  Not only is his style breath taking, but he is a very good teacher as well.  I met some wonderful people.  Some will be coming to your studio for various classes in the future. I can’t say enough about David, he is a wonderful artist!!!!!  Thank you for a great class.  This experience was on my bucket list!  Hope all is going well with you."

"Wanted to thank you for making sure I was included in the David Gray workshop and to let you know what a wonderful experience it was for me.  He is an excellent instructor - kind and thorough as well as patient. : )  We all had a wonderful time and learned a great deal.  I would do it again in the drop of a hat!"

Annette Hanna

PSA, AAPL portraitist, Annette studied at the Art Students League with John Sanden, Daniel Greene and Burt Silverman. She has won numerous awards in pastel and oil, including four Gold Medals in Painting. Author of book on portraiture and featured
in September 1999 American Artist magazine, the Best in Pastels II, 2002 Portrait Highlights and pastel Artist International.

Qiang Huang

Qiang Huang (pronounced as Chong Wong) came from China. He has studied art from multiple master artists like David Leffel and Sherrie McGraw. His paintings show remarkable accuracy and expressive brush strokes. Since 2004 his paintings have been selected continuously for the 14th, 15th, 16th and 18th Oil Painters of America's National Juried Exhibitions. American Artist Magazine has featured his teaching on the summer issue of Workshop Magazine. Qiang  studied basic skills of drawing and painting under his uncle's guidance in China, he won awards in multiple school art shows. After he immigrated to America, Qiang took a career in science and technology. However, Qiang has been active in local art communities. To further develop his artistic skills, Qiang has attended classes and workshops. He has studied from well-known artists like Miles Mathis, Scott Burdick, David Leffel, and Sherrie McGraw.Qiang is most inspired by paintings of late 19th Century by John Singer Sargent, Nicolai Fechin, William Bouguereau, and Lawrence Alma- Tadema.

On Qiang Huang's Workshops
"Qiang Huang is the most thoughtful artist I know and an excellent communicator, both in words and writing. Before he makes a stroke on canvas, he has fully evaluated the hue, the color value, the intensity, and whether the color is transparent or opaque. Only then does he place the stroke exactly where he wants it. Working with Qiang has changed my thinking about oil painting. Wonderful workshop!”

Pam Ingalls

Ingalls' education in art began early. She first studied with her father, Richard Ingalls, who created the Art Department at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA. She continued at the Accademia Delle Belle Arte in Florence, Italy in 1977, then returned home to earn her Bachelor of Arts degree from Gonzaga in 1979. She later worked with Frederick Frank in New York and subsequently studied oil painting under Ron Lukas in Seattle. More recently she has studied with Richard Schmid and Burt Silverman.

On Pam Ingalls' Workshops
"I’ve taken three rewarding workshops with Pam Ingalls, and hope to take more. I’d been painting for many years off and on before I first worked with Pam, but from the beginning she taught me to see and to understand what I was seeing in an entirely fresh and stimulating a way. Her frequent demonstrations provide vivid instruction in how to translate what you are seeing into oil paint; and her reminders, as you work,  of remaining alert to warm and cool colors, the interplay of light and shadow, and compositional options that will improve your work, will keep you on your toes and constantly remind you of what you may not be seeing clearly. Highly recommended to all oil painters and anyone who wants to learn the basics." Richard B

"Thank you for hosting the wonderful workshop with Pam Ingalls.  It was really a luxury to have so much time to paint with such a great teacher in a beautiful studio set in such a heavenly location.  Everything was perfect.  Pam's instruction has helped me past some of my old blocks and I have started some new paintings with a fresh approach and new confidence."

Thomas Kegler

Renowned artist, Thomas Kegler, is a self-taught painter, producer, and certified teacher residing in Western New York.  He is recognized as an Associate Living Master by the prestigious Art Renewal Center, Master Roycroft Artisan, Painting Instructor for the Grand Central Academy in New York City, and Senior Fellow with the Hudson River Fellowship. Kegler's traditional oil paintings of landscapes, still life, and figures draw from the Masters' approach to the canvas. Revisiting the processes and techniques of the “Old Masters” in light of classical and contemporary subjects guides his expression of life's subtleties.

Duane Keiser

Duane Keiser studied painting under Raymond Berry at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland, Virginia and Lennart Anderson at Brooklyn College in NYC. His "A Painting a Day" blog has been written about in numerous publications, including USA Today, The New York Times and, most recently, The Huffington Post. Using a makeshift easel made from a cigar box, he made a postcard-sized painting each day and posted them to his blog where collectors could bid on them via eBay (the project is ongoing and can be seen here.) He has exhibited at Fischbach Gallery, Allan Stone Gallery and, most recently, the New York Academy of Art. His work resides in several corporate collections and hundreds of private collections worldwide, including the Gregory Peterson Collection.

Michael Klein

Currently living in New York, Michael Klein is a burgeoning artist in the Classical Realist movement, creating melancholic paintings that have a distinct and haunting feeling. Klein grew up in the Midwest, where he developed a special connection with nature and a desire to describe his world accurately through his work. He began his academic art training at 19 with Richard Whitney and, two years later, at Richard Lack’s The Atelier in Minneapolis. Still searching for further enrichment, he moved to New York City to study at The Art Students League of New York and, subsequently, the Water Street Atelier with Jacob Collins. Just a few years later, at the age of 27, Klein had his very first solo exhibition at Arcadia Fine Arts in New York.

David Kassan

David Jon Kassan is a contemporary American painter best known for his life-size realist portraits. The paintings combine figurative subjects with abstract backgrounds or “tromp l’oeil texture studies,” reportedly inspired by Franz Kline and Robert Rauschenberg.Of this dual representation strategy Kassan notes, “my effort to constantly learn to document reality with a naturalistic, representational painting technique allows for pieces to be inherent contradictions; paintings that are both real and abstract.”

On David Kassan's Workshops
Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful workshop.The space, the light and smells have all been challenges in other spaces I have taken courses in. Your space excels in all three!!!  And to watch such a great painter !! Kind regards, Bev J

Hi Cary, I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful workshop. I learned a lot from David Jon and as always, you organized a tip top workshop, and treated us all wonderfully. Thank you.

Thank you, Cary, and I will be sure to tell my students about your upcoming workshops. ~ Mandy

Gregg Kreutz

Gregg Kreutz received his education from New York University and the Art Students League and studied with David Leffel. He exhibits at various galleries in New York, Wisconsin, Arizona and New Mexico. Kreutz authored "Problem Solving for Oil Painters," published by Watson-Guptill, and he was featured in March '88 American Artist. He had a one-man show at Grand Central Gallery, New York, in 1989. Kreutz has many awards to his credit, including the Salmagundi Club, Grumbacher, and Frank C. Wright awards. In his view, "Realistic painting is an especially rewarding endeavor. To actively go after it means to learn what makes art, what the external world really looks like, and how the two can be fused."

Jim Lamb

Washington artist Jim Lamb’s work has been seen around the world in the form of limited edition prints, collectible plates, greeting cards, puzzles, posters, apparel, postage stamps, sculptures, and many other forms. Jim believes he is most inspired when painting outdoors directly from nature.

His paintings can be found in galleries, shows, and collections around the U.S. He is a member of the Northwest Rendezvous Group of Artists, Plein Air Washington, and the California Art Club. 

Jeff Legg

Over the course of his creative life, Jeff has developed an appreciation for the teaching process and the give-and-take relationship that he desires to create with students and emerging artists. Through challenge and encouragement, he hopes to convey that good art is more than just mirroring a subject, but is also about capturing and interpreting a feeling or a mood, and to show that good paintings are built on principles, not formulas.

On Jeff Legg's Workshops
"Thanks so much for hosting the Jeff Legg workshop. I came away with so much more than I expected. Jeff patiently demonstrates the techniques he uses and now I can confidently apply them in my paintings. I am thankful for the opportunity to learn from such a high caliber artist (in a fun and non-intimidating atmosphere). His sense of humor really comes through and being there was like being with one big happy family. He helped me come away with a painting that I will cherish forever.

This is the second time I’ve attended one of your workshops and every time I feel like I’ve taken a mini-vacation. I look forward to getting on the ferry every morning and to another peaceful ferry ride back in the afternoons. The view is amazing and so relaxing (I often spot seals along the way). The best part is that when it’s all over and I’m home, I feel that I’ve seriously grown as an artist. Thanks again for the “to-die-for” cakes you bake every morning. I can still taste the coconut and pineapple and can’t wait to go back for more!"

Susan Lyon

SUSAN LYON grew up in Oak Park, Illinois. Her initial interest in art was sparked by a television show on Georgia O'Keefe. "I hadn't seen art like that before. Her work touched me emotionally and seemed so personal -- I saw a television program on her life and that inspired me to take drawing classes. Lyon studied painting at the American Academy of Art in Chicago and was an active participant in Chicago's 100 year-old Palette and Chisel Club. It is there she first began exhibiting and selling her work; at twenty-three she was the youngest winner of the prestigious Gold Medal which she won two consecutive years in the annual Oil Painting show plus a third place in the Silver Medal Watercolor show. She entered the Oil Painters of America show once and got 7th place. In 1998 and 2000 she won an artist choice award in the Northwest Rendezvous Show.

Robert Liberace

Robert Liberace is a contemporary classicist inspired by the old masters. He is equally gifted in painting, drawing, and sculpture. In February 2006, he was selected by The Artist's Magazine as one of their choices for the top twenty realist artists under the age of forty. In April of 2003, Rob received the Grand Prize Award in the International Portrait Competition from the Portrait Society of America. In 2002, he won their Best of Show Award. Rob has been commissioned to do portraits for clients such as George Bush, Ambassador Sol Linowitz, and Marc Pachter, the director of the National Portrait Gallery. He is currently working on a life sized sculpture of Mother Teresa for the National Shrine.

Bryce Liston 

Bryce’s work is shown in galleries around the country and he participates in many national and international exhibitions each year. Bryce’s artwork has won numerous prestigious awards, including The Tuffy Berg Award, The Honorary Chairman’s Award and the Southwest Art Award of Excellence at the 2010 CM Russell Auction. He is a signature member of the Oil Painters of America and was awarded Best in Show at the 2008 OPA Western Regional Exhibition.  He was also named one of the Top Ten Artists to Watch by Southwest Art Magazine in January, 2009. His art has been published in many magazines as well as on book covers.

Carol Marine

Carol Marine was born in Sheridan, Montana, and raised in the very small town of Harper, Texas in a dome house designed and built by her parents. Her mother is a weaver and a potter, and her father builds boats. Her parents always assured their children they could do anything in their lives they wanted, and that it was better to have a job they enjoyed than to make a lot of money. Carol’s family has been her greatest influence and inspiration. After graduating from Harper high school, Carol spent four and a half years at the University of Texas in Austin. She graduated in the fall of 2001 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Studio Art, and a focus in painting.

On Carol Marine's Workshop
"I just want to say thank you for organizing the Carol Marine Workshop. The venue was spacious, comfortable and well ventilated. Even the easels and lights that were provided were sturdy and perfect for the exercises. It was great having monitors to help out too. They were most helpful and refreshments were always plentiful. Langley was charming, convenient, and friendly. The restaurants and cafes offered healthy tasty and affordable menus. There were lots of art galleries featuring the local talent. Finally, thank you for opening your lovely home to the workshop participants for Wednesday dinner. I highly recommend WIFAS to all my art friends."

Ned Mueller

On Ned Mueller’s Workshops
"The workshop with Ned Mueller was excellent. He is amusing and entertaining at the same time as he is supplying a great deal of information and instruction. I think we’ll remember a lot more of what he taught because we had such a good time. I feel fortunate to have had the chance for instruction with an artist of his caliber who is also a very good teacher. The surroundings were very comfortable and pleasant. Thanks for all the goodies and for providing such a delightful school for our work."

Teresa Oaxaca


Born in California, Teresa was trained in the academic tradition. Teresa is inspired by artists such as Gericault, Odd Nerdrum, Ribera, Nicholas Aime Morot, and Leon Bonnat. She currently spends her time between Florence, Italy, and Arlington, VA. She is currently working on and accepting commissions from portraiture to still life. Teresa graduated at The Florence Academy of Art in 2010. Also was Life Drawing Instructor during that academic year.

Dreama Tolle Perry

Dreama Tolle Perry's masterful handling of color combined with exuberant brush work results in paintings that stir the senses---flowers set afire by sunlight, cats napping peacefully, a crush of market umbrellas lined along the Grand Canal---all invite the viewer to "step into" that place for a time and experience the joy of the moment.

David Riedel

Similar to the Old Masters' style, Riedel's works are characterized by their chiaroscuro and deep background color, lending a certain vibrancy and energy to his subjects. His use of dramatic lighting and rhythmic color, combined with a sense of solid composition, produces work that is timeless in its appeal. David considers his primary instruction to be from David Leffel, yet he also feels the importance of many fellow artists in both Taos and New York. The excitement of interacting with other artists creates a milieu in which he finds opportunities for artistic growth.

On David Riedel's Workshops
I was just reminiscing on my trip to whidbey and decided to write and thank you once again for the wonderful arrangement you provided us.  Not only the workshop was great but you are also the best host.  wish you lots of success...

Michele Rushworth

Michele Rushworth has painted portraits in oils of children of all ages for clients across the United States. In addition she has painted the official portraits of five state Governors, a U.S. Senator, an Ambassador and numerous other executives, doctors and academics. Her work has been featured in American Artist Magazine as well as appearing on many national television and local news broadcasts and in newspapers in many states.

On Michele Rushworth's Workshops
"Thanks for the great workshop. It worked out so well to meet in Seattle. Michele said she is looking forward to next year only a little longer. There is always something more to learn!"

"Michele - great workshop! It continued to strengthen my grounding in portrait work as well as good old basic painting skills / technique. Thanks for all the suggestions on both photography and lighting."

Carlo Russo

Carlo Russo was born in 1976 in Philadelphia PA. He is currently based in the Fishtown neighborhood of Philadelphia,  where he maintains his studio and teaches painting and drawing in addition to creating his newest works.  Carlo graduated from the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in 2004 where he focused his studies in the  methods and practices of traditional realism.  Since his graduation, he has been a full-time artist and has exhibited his works in numerous galleries across the United States. His galleries include F.A.N. Gallery in Philadelphia PA, Anderson Gallery in St. Simon's Island GA  and Sloane Merrill Gallery in Boston MA.  While known primarily for his mastery in still life painting, he is accomplished in figurative and landscape painting as well. Carlo works in the natural northern light that fills his studio. He is intent on creating beautiful works which capture the myriad textures, colors and forms we find all around us.

William A. Schneider 

William A. Schneider paints primarily from life, he seeks to capture the emotion of a particular moment and place.  Sargent, Zorn, Fechin, and Sorolla have been influences. After careers in music and finance he returned to his first love, painting in 1990. His skills were honed during eight years at the American Academy of Art’s Saturday Program in Chicago where he studied figure drawing with William Parks and oil painting with Ted Smuskiewicz.  He continued his education through workshops with Carolyn Anderson, Dan Gerhartz, Scott Burdick, Harley Brown, Scott Christensen, Huihan Liu, David Leffel, and Richard Schmid among others. William commented, “The wonderful thing about art is that you can always get better. I view myself as a perpetual student!”

David Shevlino

David Shevlino studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts (certificate ’84) and the University of Pennsylvania (BFA ’92).  His work has been featured in national publications and he has exhibited his paintings in solo and group exhibitions through out the U.S.  He has also produced three instructional DVDs and other videos about his artwork and painting methods.

My exposure to art began as a teenager growing up in NJ near NYC.  I began making trips to art museums in NYC when I was 15 and developed a love of traditional figurative painting. As a youth I found myself especially drawn to the old masters. Those early trips to the museum instilled in me a love of craft and a sense of where painting comes from. 

Maggie Siner

For over thirty years Maggie Siner has been a quiet voice in the contemporary art world. Her paintings are held in special esteem for their enduring qualities: a perfect sense of fleeting time, exquisite clarity of light, bold brushwork, fine tuning of color, delicately balanced structure, and the captured moment of absolute recognition. Her subject matter ranges from the intimate to the monumental, from the everyday to whimsical combinations of objects, all offering surprise, intelligence and a sensual mastery of traditional media.

Henry Stinson

Henry Stinson has the master's touch in both drawing and painting. His work reflects the old masters that he studied incessantly. His oils show the influence of Russian Impressionism, but with Henry's trademark approach. A bit quirky and more modern, his subjects include heating oil tanks, VW starters, and Martians. His focus and true love is the human figure, however, which he conveys with incredibly graceful and painterly brushstrokes. His drafting skills are superb.

On Henry Stinson's Workshops
"While reinforcing previously learned skills, I am constantly amazed that I always learn something new with each workshop of his I attend. Henry Stinson is a wonderful and inspiring teacher."

"Henry is someone that loves what he does. He has passion, and sincerity in regard for his students, and his art. It was a gift for me to have the opportunity to learn from him. Thank you."

"I really loved my time in your studio with Henry, you and the others. I felt so at home. The words that keep ringing in my head, (which, of course, we all know if we've been painting awhile.......but somehow this sticks) "warm light-cool shadows. Cool light-warm shadows" and "Squint for value. Eyes wide open for color". I find myself staring at people's faces to find the colors. I feel I can almost do it. I enjoyed Henry's generosity, sense of humor, and support. I was so glad we started and ended on time. Thanks for that. Also Henry sells his demo paintings for a very reasonable price. I think that is a benefit for students. I treasure the one I bought, and will use it as inspiration."

"I think Henry has such a fun way of teaching. The comedy routines kept it light, and whenever he came by my paintings, he always had something to show me whether it be mixing colors in a way that wasn't muddy, or looking for color in the shadows. Looking for colors I see would be one of the main things I learned from Henry. I started seeing the cool and warm colors he talked about, and blocking in the mass shapes, then blocking in shadows. I was worried that once I left your studio, I would forget all he said and it keeps surfacing throughout each day. On the plane ride home I found myself looking at reflected colors on surfaces and faces, and thinking about what colors I would use to paint with."

Dan Thompson

Dan Thompson was born in Alexandria, Virginia, and graduated from the Corcoran School of Art in Washington, DC. He earned his MFA from the Graduate School of Figurative Art of the New York Academy of Art, and supplemented his training with several additional years of private study and studio apprenticeships along the east coast of the United States. He has been awarded two grants from the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation and has twice received the Ethel Lorraine Bernstein Memorial Award for Excellence in Painting from the Corcoran College of Art and Design. In 2001, Thompson won Best of Show in the American Society of Portrait Artist’s International Portrait Competition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.

Michele Usibelli

Michele Usibelli's works primarily in oils, with a flavor of impressionism, in her representational style. Her early training established a strong foundation in the Russian Impressionist tradition of seeing and painting shapes of light and color using relatively loose brushstrokes. She has extensively studied and been influenced by numerous historic artists.

Combined, all of these influences have allowed Michele to establish her own unique artistic style and define her as a truly versatile emerging 21st Century American Impressionist.

Fred Wessel

Fred Wessel is now a Professor Emeritus after teaching at the Hartford Art School (University of Hartford) for 35 years. He is represented by the Arden Gallery in Boston, ACA Galleries in NYC and S.R. Brennen Gallery in Santa Fe, NM and Scottsdale, AZ.   Since 1985 he has had 17 solo exhibitions, including two at the Sherry French Gallery in NYC and seven at the Arden Gallery in Boston, and a retrospective exhibition at the Evansville Museum, IN. His work has also been exhibited in over 70 invitational exhibitions including shows at The Southern Alleghenies Museum, PA; The Arnot Art Museum Elmira, NY; Jenkins-Johnson Gallery, San Francisco, CA; The Evansville Museum of Art, IN; Sangre de Cristo Art Center, Pueblo, CO; The Korean Culture and Arts Foundation Seoul, Korea; The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art, Japan.  Most recently he had 6 paintings included in a show entitled “Gold” at the Belvedere Palace in Vienna Austria.  The show was built around the work of Gustav Klimt.

Mary Whyte

Mary Whyte's paintings of the people and places are richly narrative. She combines abstract design with sensitive rendering to produce the dynamic portraits she is known for. Mary is also an avid teacher and author. She lives and paints in Charleston, South Carolina and teaches painting workshops across the country. She has been featured in American Artists and the Artist's Magazine, and has illustrated 11 children's books. Mary's paintings have been included in many museum and national exhibitions.

On Mary Whyte's Workshops
I was one of the participants in the Mary Whyte workshop this past week. I wanted to tell you that it was a peak experience for me. I absolutely loved Mary, Langley, the evening at your home, the venue. It all worked together wonderfully and I felt compelled to thank you for bringing it all together. It was a joy. Thank you Cary,

Michael Workman

When asked for an artist statement I try to keep it simple; I am a "contemporary traditionalist". I know that sounds contradictory, but I hope I can be up-to-date, and still honor tradition. One thing that is consistent in art history, is the opposition between different ideas, i.e.: contemporary vs. traditional, romantic vs. classic, naturalistic vs. abstract, etc. I decided years ago not to choose between the opposites, but instead work to bring them together in a beautiful way. My watchword is beauty. It is not difficult to see that we live in a world that is full of turmoil. On the other hand, it is easy to be tempted by the cliche. Rather than choose between angst or picturesque beauty, I hope to offer a reminder that there is beauty in the ordinary. When asked for an artistic statement one is tempted to try to impress with intellectual rhetoric, but my statement is simple: "There are still good things."

Zhaoming Wu

Zhaoming Wu was born in China and grew up in Guangzhou City. He received his BFA from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art China and his MFA from the Academy of Art University, San Francisco. Since 1983, he has been exhibiting his work in Asia, Europe, the United States and other countries around the world. Long active as both an artist and a teacher, he served as a professor of painting at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art and is currently an instructor of painting at the Academy of Art University. His works have been featured in many publications, including two drawing books and two painting books.

On Zhaoming Wu's Workshops
"Zhoaming Wu makes the difficult look easy. He is a master of color, edges, and 'romance' in the painting. The models were inspiring and even the snacks were outstanding. Thanks for a great workshop that I will remember for a long time.

"The Zhaoming Wu workshop was nothing short of magical. He is a kind and insightful teacher. Watching his demos sent me right into that rare painting zone where wonderful things happen on the canvas."

"Lovely to come back to Whidbey, thanks for your hospitality. You did an amazing job with the organization, very professional."

"Cary, what a wonderful workshop! Truly an honor to study with Mr. Wu. I've admired his work for a long time. How nice to also discover that he was a great teacher. I came away with much to think about and many techniques to practice and try out in my own work in the next year. Thanks so much for the excellent organization of the workshop and the fun BBQ at your house. And a special thanks for picking up an angled brush for me. What a difference it made and I was so glad to be able to attempt his teachings with the right brush. Look forward to the next workshop.  I'm in love with your new Whidbey location. Great choice. :)

"The Zhaoming Wu workshop was a wonderful experience. Thank you so much for organizing it. When people ask I say the workshop was one of the highlights of my life! The whole event was like being in heaven. Langley is a lovely town and I enjoyed the opportunity to experience Whidbey Island."

Henry Yan

Henry Yan has many years of experience in teaching drawing and painting at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Per Henry, "I paint and I teach. I paint people, I paint landscapes and I paint anything that inspires me to mix colors and brush them on canvasses.