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On John Budicin's Workshop
"Your group logistics were great. Even though the island surrounds itself with beautiful bays and deep rural expanses, you took us to a couple places beyond visitor access where I captured scenes less commonly seen and just as beautiful. Many of the locations could keep landscape painters occupied for the whole week. John Budicin really put out for us, it seemed. He came by with advice while I painted quite often, though not too often—my ego had time to say 'Okay, yea he's right.' I felt I got better-than-average responses from John."

"There are a lot of things I liked about it. John himself was great—doing demos daily and being very open to questions and helping with hands on instruction. I have a new eye for values in my surroundings and am daily thinking about the way he builds a painting (even though I haven’t painted since the workshop). I loved our locations! Kudos to you for coming up with these! The openness and neighborly welcome expressed in individuals allowing us to use their homes, property, bathroom facilities, etc., was heartwarming. A great feeling of community. And I loved painting every day for 5 straight days. It was a great group of talented artists and budding artists, like myself. Cary, you were very welcoming, generous and yet on task. A great way to be. Thank you!"

"We both very much liked having John do a demo in the morning. We take a bit of time to get going and his demos built up our enthusiasm for our own attempts later in the day. We also like the idea of working on a plein air painting over a long time (nailing down the light/shadows quickly and then taking your time in building the painting."

On Michele Rushworth's Workshop
"Thanks for the great workshop. It worked out so well to meet in Seattle. Michele said she is looking forward to next year only a little longer. There is always something more to learn!"

"Michele - great workshop! It continued to strengthen my grounding in portrait work as well as good old basic painting skills / technique. Thanks for all the suggestions on both photography and lighting"

On Zhaoming Wu's Workshop
"Zhoaming Wu makes the difficult look easy. He is a master of color, edges, and 'romance' in the painting. The models were inspiring and even the snacks were outstanding. Thanks for a great workshop that I will remember for a long time.

"The Zhaoming Wu workshop was nothing short of magical. He is a kind and insightful teacher. Watching his demos sent me right into that rare painting zone where wonderful things happen on the canvas."

"Lovely to come back to Whidbey, thanks for your hospitality. You did an amazing job with the organization, very professional."

On Henry Stinson's Workshop
"While reinforcing previously learned skills, I am constantly amazed that I always learn something new with each workshop of his I attend. Henry Stinson is a wonderful and inspiring teacher."

"Henry is someone that loves what he does. He has passion, and sincerity in regard for his students, and his art. It was a gift for me to have the opportunity to learn from him. Thank you."

"I really loved my time in your studio with Henry, you and the others. I felt so at home. The words that keep ringing in my head, (which, of course, we all know if we've been painting awhile.......but somehow this sticks) "warm light-cool shadows. Cool light-warm shadows" and "Squint for value. Eyes wide open for color". I find myself staring at people's faces to find the colors. I feel I can almost do it. I enjoyed Henry's generosity, sense of humor, and support. I was so glad we started and ended on time. Thanks for that. Also Henry sells his demo paintings for a very reasonable price. I think that is a benefit for students. I treasure the one I bought, and will use it as inspiration."

"I think Henry has such a fun way of teaching. The comedy routines kept it light, and whenever he came by my paintings, he always had something to show me whether it be mixing colors in a way that wasn't muddy, or looking for color in the shadows. Looking for colors I see would be one of the main things I learned from Henry. I started seeing the cool and warm colors he talked about, and blocking in the mass shapes, then blocking in shadows. I was worried that once I left your studio, I would forget all he said and it keeps surfacing throughout each day. On the plane ride home I found myself looking at reflected colors on surfaces and faces, and thinking about what colors I would use to paint with."

On Anne Belov's Workshop
"I love having local artists teach; being in touch with people we can see again and who are in touch with our community (general and artistic) is really great. I also enjoyed the people in the getting acquainted there too. The size of the group was marvelous...just right."

"I learned to think about not just connecting the objects to each other in a still life, but to think ahead about something about myself I want to connect to the painting, then use that as a genuine way to select the objects and arrange them in a way that expresses something to me. Ultimately, I am sure that will relay a stronger painting to the viewer." I learned that one should always have a story or event that the still life is about before starting the painting. Also using a shadow box is really helpful."

On Ned Mueller’s Workshop
"The workshop with Ned Mueller was excellent. He is amusing and entertaining at the same time as he is supplying a great deal of information and instruction. I think we’ll remember a lot more of what he taught because we had such a good time. I feel fortunate to have had the chance for instruction with an artist of his caliber who is also a very good teacher. The surroundings were very comfortable and pleasant. Thanks for all the goodies and for providing such a delightful school for our work."

Various Workshops
"I want to thank you for giving me a wonderful experience. It simply drives home the importance of good instruction with serious artists! I have never seen such a good portrait demonstration!"

"It was a wonderful workshop. What a beautiful island. It was such a nice break! Ned was very informative and personable. And everywhere I go now I look for shapes and color values. It's like losing your golf ball. You look for it everywhere you go."

"Thanks for putting this workshop together and being a terrific host. Look forward to seeing you again and enjoying another workshop."

"Thanks so much for putting on a wonderful really took customer service to a new level! You were so kind and generous and I really appreciate that. The workshop was wonderful I learned a ton and I hope I can make it up to Langley next year for more fun and learning. And painting on the coast would be just gorgeous, and I LOVE boats at marina's...."

"I wanted to thank you for hosting this workshop. It couldn't have been more perfect. The instruction was amazing. That was a great partnership of John and George. They worked really hard to make us better than we thought we could be."